Cybersecurity Made Simple for Your Business

We have partnered with dedicated Cybersecurity Experts to detect Cyber Threats faster and smarter. Human-powered cyber threat hunting: Our secret weapon in the fight against hackers. We have Hackers, to detect Hackers.

Collect, Analyze, Report, Remediate. Our Security Team moves beyond automated detection with contextually aware manual analysis to catch even the sneakiest threats.

Ransomware Prevention

Our Managed Endpoint Security will protect your infrastructure from everyday malware attacks and Ransomware encryption. We will guarantee the availability of your data by Rolling-Back your files to original status.

Always Monitoring

We have a dedicated 24×7 SOC to protect from Malware, Hacking, DarkWeb-Leaks, Office 365 intrusions, and implementing Blue Team security measures for your network. We are your Cyberguards.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Our highly skilled certified security consultants use real-world scenarios to demonstrate how attackers can gain access to sensitive data. We do multiple scenarios security audits and advices.

Monthly Vulnerability Scan

Our Cybersecurity Team use powerful knowledge to scan monthly your environments and prevent CVE exploits attacks before hackers compromise your system. IT Security Team always defending you network.