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Everything You Need To know about Google & Security in the cloud

We do this by:

Customer-friendly pricing

Google Cloud’s customer-friendly pricing offers up to 60% savings, with automatic discounts for both long- and short-running applications.

High performance

Blazing VM start times and Google’s global private network mean low latency and high performance for users.

Customer-first services

COMPUCARE is your partner for Google Cloud, from the initial assessment and analysis of your environment to the plan for the final roadmap. From plotting migrations of low-risk workloads to estimating costs, we help you select the best solution for your business.

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Why Google Cloud?

Secure your data and hardware, gain real-time insights, and be more productive with the same intelligent, open tools and services used by Google.


Our best-in-class infrastructure is engineered to handle the most data- intensive work on the planet.


Pioneering data analytics and machine learning services help you solve real business problems and gain a competitive edge no other cloud provider can offer.


Google's infrastructure is designed, built and operated with security at its core.

Cloud computing holds similar promise for security. “Imagine you have a million machines, and they’re all reporting on their security status,” says Heather Adkins, Director of Information
Security and Privacy at Google. “You could look across the baseline of all these machines at the same time and pick out the anomalies. That’s the power of operating in a centralized model. The old IT way of thinking was to buy a bunch of machines and plug them all into a network. But that means you also can’t measure whether your security is good.”