What is Business Continuity?

Problems have nowhere to hide

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Reliable PC-Server Total Backup


Reliable PC-Server Total Backup

  • Business stop

  • Communication stop

  • Transaction stop

  • Money is lost

Network downtime can be a real-life nightmare for any business.

Fortunately, always available PC- Server has arrived to help businesses stop losing sleep over this issue.

Reliable Backup and Immediate disaster Recovery solution

Always connected networking equipment

Compucare “Network Continuity” - was designed with a mission to end Computer downtime.

Imagine never having to worry about an interruption to your Network infrastructure.

 Common Causes of  Computer-Network Problems

  • Viruses and malware

  • Boot up Failures Server-Workstation

  • Corrupt Application/Software

  • Hard drive Failure

  • Memory Errors

  • Faulty External Devices (Printers, Keyboard, Mouse, USB, Etc.)

  • No Internet Availability 

  • Fail to properly prepare for DR - Disaster Recovery 

With the right process and the detail necessary, there should be no reason for failure. However, if you fail to prepare and don't have the proper network assessment,  they can cause unexpected difficulties.

These issues can be anywhere from

  • Improper preparation for Disaster Recovery,

  • No Failover for Internet failures or downtime

  • Non-Existing or Improper backup Resolutions

  • Lack of Testing when a disaster occurs 

  • Required Network & Security Assesment not consolidated 

  •  Overall IT  Readiness 

All-In-One BCDR for PCs

COMPUCARE now have a simple way to recover either a single file or the entire Network Infrastructure with the power of image-based backups.

This enables us to easily protect you from all disaster scenarios. With Cloud Continuity for PCs, - Servers - Complete Network Outage.


- D. Eisenhower

Protect Business Data No Matter Where It Lives

Cloud Continuity for PC's -Laptops

The Bottom Line:

Compucare Cloud Continuity for PCs is part of our Unified Business continuity solution product line, which includes complete protection for servers and SaaS data. With Datto Cloud Continuity, MSPs now have a powerful way to protect a broad range of PCs no matter where they operate from, opening up an even greater opportunity for partners to generate revenue while delivering the highest levels of business uptime.

Total PC / Laptop System-Data Restore Business Continuity for Servers local - Cloud

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